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Here at f/8 Photography Workshops we aim to teach people of all levels how to improve their photography skills, whether that is out in the field shooting, or back inside editing their images afterwards.

f/8 Photography Workshops was founded in 2014 by Conor MacNeill and Greg Annandale who had travelled the world shooting together and wanted to pass on their knowledge and experiences to others. Conor was already known for his inspiring and evocative landscape and destination images (clients include Lonely Planet, BBC, National Geographic, Nikon, and Adobe.) Greg was an experienced adventure and expedition photographer, who regularly summited remote mountains and sailed around dramatic coastlines including Patagonia and Lofoten.

In 2014 we launched our first workshop, in Iceland Iceland workshop Conor and Greg asked their friend and fellow photographer, Dan Rubin, to come along and help with the teaching. Dan had been a regular speaker at conferences (both photography and web), and was the perfect addition.

Wanting to host more workshops, Conor realised that he didn't have the resources to arrange everything and still give 100% to teaching his students. In stepped Zoë Timmers to help with the logistics and planning. As a 16-year veteran TV producer for the likes of the BBC, Sky and Channel 4, events producer and a professional photographer, Zoë was the perfect person to be the organisational mastermind behind the workshops.

In 2017, Conor and Zoë decided take on another photography teacher and expedition leader. Having met Jeff Bartlett during a shoot in Ecuador, Conor knew this man was the real deal. From the Canadian Rockies, Jeff was no stranger to adventure and landscape photography and joined us on several Faroe Islands and Scottish adventures!

With the core team assembled, we still bring in guest teachers to be part of particular workshops, as we always feel you need the best instructor for the job at hand!

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We've had many participants over the years. Here are what they have to say about us.

Conor, Jeff and Zoe are all natural teachers and have immense combined experience. I left this workshop creatively rejuvenated and more confident in my photographic skill set. But, not only did I learn, I laughed! Our group had so much fun the entire week we were together, it was like traveling with a group of old friends, even though we had all just met.
Angela Aiello, May 2019
f/8 Workshops takes care of every detail, so participants can focus on learning and enjoy the great locations they choose for us to shoot.
Janet Kelly, April 2018
Zoe, Jeff, and Conor are great teachers and generous with their time, patience, and tips. Their knowledge of the Faroe Islands and planning combined with the editing tutorials made this workshop a great value for money. This workshop is suitable for photographers of many skill levels and was a very satisfying experience.
Jen Bianco, May 2019
Such a fun week! Not only did I learn so much about landscape photography, I really feel that we saw the best of what the Faroe Islands has to offer! The instructors and other participants are really what took this workshop from good to great though - an amazing group of really nice people to spend the week with. The instructors were so patient and not at all intimidating. I left feeling that I'd made 12 new friends for life.
Kelly Graham, April 2018
This workshop was great as I developed not only my skills in photography, but also my own confidence. An added bonus is that you make some amazing new friends!
Naomi Elliott, April 2018
The f/8 Workshops Faroe Islands exceeded all expectations, in every way. The organization was flawless, the training sessions were informative especially when combined with the one on one coaching available. Zoe, Conor and Jeff provide and photographic learning experience for all skill levels at their f/8 Workshops.
Marcel Painchaud, April 2018
f/8 Workshops is the best travel photography workshop I've attended. The group is intimate so you get tons of one-on-one time with the instructors, not to mention bond with all the other attendees.
Christine Chang, May 2016
The instructors not only taught me vital skills that will be applied in my upcoming endeavors but also advice and encouragement on what I am pursuing. I left with significant confidence and excitement for photography.
Austin Lockard, May 2016
Great workshop and great people. It was one of the best weeks I had in a long time. Super inspiring and perfect to optimise my photography skills especially in such a beautiful location!
Karsten Koehn, May 2016
The f/8 workshop was the perfect blend of instruction, adventure and a tremendous amount of fun with our small group and great photographers leading the way.
Lisa Rubens, May 2017
Even though I'm already pretty comfortable taking photos when I travel, I learned so much from this workshop, and I've made so many new friends!
Renée Lusano, May 2017
You were all amazing tutors in very different ways! I only get time for one proper holiday a year and I think I chose very wisely. Thanks for a great time!
Sara O'Dea, September 2014